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Let us help you discover the Earth’s last unspoiled frontier. We offer a wide range of Antarctic adventures for all age and skill levels. You can travel to Antarctica with us by cruise ship from Argentina.

While most of our clients prefer to cruise Antarctica, for the truly adventurous we can arrange your Antarctic scuba diving, kayaking, mountain climbing, or South Pole trekking adventure. If you tour Antarctica and its neighboring chains of islands by ship, the whale, seal, and sea bird watching opportunities ( especially the observation of Emperor and King Penguin rookeries) are first rate. In fact, we have special cruises just for birdwatchers.

The month of January is particularly interesting: the penguins have their chicks, colonies of elephant seals are highly visible and large whales are there. The ice is broken up, and the icebergs are so numerous that it gives the landscape the dimensions of another planet. The itinerary in Antarctica is also subject to the vagaries of weather: 2 trips never resemble.

About vacation Antarctica

Popular travel destinations include: the Antarctic Peninsula, the Weddell Sea and the Ross Sea region.
Trip prices starting at 4400€/pers include ship travel to Antarctica but not flights to departure destinations.
Antarctic Peninsula trips usually start from Ushuaia, Argentina.
Longer Antarctica trips can include the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Shetland Islands.
Ships are typically small, comfortable, and offer varying degrees of luxury and adventure.
Many ships are converted research vessels with ice-strengthened hulls for polar travel and touring.
Zodiacs shuttle passengers from ship to shore and provide scenic tours.
A few select Antarctic trips include helicopter shuttles and flight-seeing.
On-board experts and naturalists offer lectures on wildlife, geology, oceanography, glaciology, and history.
Antarctica tours, plans and itineraries can change, depending on weather and ice.