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3 nights on the beach:

Hakuna Majiwe or optional Fumba Beach Lodge (our favorite of the south coast)
Shooting Star (a boutique hotel on the east coast)
Karafuu (a classic of the southeast coast is popular with families for its size, comfort and entertainment)
Bluebay (address quality family: beautiful beach, and comfort you need animation)
Sultan Sands (a new establishment on a magnificent beach that will appeal to families)

Zanzibar Lounge on the beach Zanzibar Lounge on the beach
The Matemwe bungalows, rooms planted on the reef above the waves

Note: the options and their prices will be offered during the pre-reservation. There are many other possibilities


Safari in lodges brings the luxury touch to your stay and can help you achieving very softly the day on long, difficult and dirty trails. These are huge hostels that can exceed a hundred rooms with en suite bathrooms, with hot and cold water in comfortable bath tubs. They are owned by big chains such as Serena, Sopa, Tahi & Conscorp. They are based in the living heart of national parks and they are most of the time equipped with a pool.
Take a look with 360° views at the BASHAY RIFT LODGE at the foot of the NGORONGORO: http://www.bashay-rift-lodge.com/


Some people may better like the magic of the camp tents that melt wild life and great comfort in a very ‘’Out of Africa’’ atmosphere (huge tents with king & queen size beds, en suite toilets with individual showers). That is why we always propose one or two nights in safari tents in our tours with lodges. That formula gives people a unique experience of African nights’ show. It allows people to discover the magic of oldies’ safaris, while enjoying luxury of a camp site right in the middle of the bush.
OLDUVAI CAMP will bring this outstanding charm in the Ngorongoro park (http://www.olduvai-camp.com/) or the exclusive 12 tents camp of MAWENINGA in the Taranguire park (http://www.maweninga-camp.com)


The most adventurous folks will certainly choose the camping formula in a very basic camp site. Authentic atmosphere where night falls on the firelights of camps away (not always so far!), hyenas & lions who are starting their hunt at night. In this formula, the equipment is furnished (dome shaped tent for 2 people with very comfortable mattress ). Food is prepared by our chief who’s using fresh aliments. Everyone can participate but this is not obligatory.